Present your Sozi on the web.

Remotifer creates a Remote Control for your Sozi presentation. Navigate on your master page, while the audience watches the action on a client page over the web. Here is a live demo to see it in action!

Remotifier works on Presentations created with Sozi Version 20+

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What is it good for?

Sozi is a "pan & zoom" presentation software, thriving from vivid animations. Remotifer mainly enhances the usage in video conferences:

Better looks

Sozi animations lose a lot of it's original smoothness and responsiveness in video conferences. The way desktop sharing works - basically creating a stream of fullsize screenshots - is not efficent to produce a sufficent number of frames per second. Remotifier let you share a Sozi Presentation directly on the web. All the rendering will take place in the viewer's browser, keeping it smooth and responsive.

Audience flexibility

It only takes a web browser to watch the presentation instead of a particular video conferencing software. Attendes who have to dial in by phone can still watch the presentation using a web browser. So essentially a mobile phone is sufficent without the need of extra apps and gear!

Presenter convenience

As a presenter you can share the master on a tablet and use it as a second view. With a video phone app like sharetime, skype or whatsapp in the back, you might go without a notebook at all and exclusively use a tablet. Or load the master to your mobile phone and use it as a remote control during presentation.

How does it work?

Remotifier will create two versions of your Sozi file: A "client" for the audience and a "master" which is the presenter's view for remote navigation control. The master catches navigation commands and send them to the clients using a small network service.

Both client and master can either be hosted as a website or used as a file on the user's local machine. Usually it is more conveinient for the audience if the presentation is available on the web. All they need is a link. You can even share it in the conference chat right before start. A common setup therefore is to upload the client page to some webspace, while starting the master locally.

If you don't have access to webspace, you can distribute the client .html page by email or on cloudservices like dropbox, google drive etc. Usually only the presenter (i.e. you) needs the masterfile, so there is no need to share it. However, it is perfectly possible to share the masterfile and navigate from different locations at the same time.

Remote Commands

Remotified presentations share navigation and manipulation commands. You can use

  • Right and left clicks
  • Arrow Keys, Enter and Space
  • direct frame selection on the frame list
  • . (Dot) for black screen
  • p to pause animation
  • mouse drag to pan
  • mousewheel or alt drag to zoom
  • shift drag to rotate

See also the complete command list.


Invalid File

Remotifier works on presentations created with Sozi v.20xx only. If an "invalid file" error comes up, you most probably picked an older presentation (or a file that is no sozi presentation at all). Sozi is backward compatible. To update older presentations, simply load it with Sozi 20 and safe it again.

Network error

While processing Remotifier needs to connect to the server to get a pair of session ids. These ids will later identify, which clients listen to wich master, when they connect to the server. If Remotifier cannot connect to the service, a "Network error" will show up. It might be a local firewall blocking, but usually it is just a temporary downtime, and you can try again later.


Remote presentations tested on Chrome, Firefox, Edge, IE11, IOS Safari, Android Chrome (both master and client)
Remotifier service tested on Chrome, Firefox, Edge, IE11.